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Check back to find out upcoming events in your area. 

Lady Cook Ministries is a regional Evangelist Outreach Ministry.  We currently have Support Teams in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, & Florida.

In 2020, we are believing God for growth, opportunities to shine the light of His Word,

and favorable partnerships to do mission work. 

God Lights Our Way!!!!!!



The Glow Destiny Walkers will host an Empowerment Night on Tuesday, November 9th @ 6:30pm!


Calling Ladies to join Lady Cook & the GLOW Destiny Walkers for an evening of networking and fellowship.

Informational session on the GLOW Business Network. The GLOW BUSINESS NETWORK is a group of professional women joined together to aid and share in the successes of their own entrepreneurial growth.

The GLOW Business Network offers a variety of things in which we can do together for serving God and His people.

We believe that there is more than enough room for us all TO GLOW, GROW, and BE GREAT!

Find out how you can connect! 

Join the GLOW Movement! 

Visit Our Facebook page for additional  information on registration or you can register via 



Lady Cook Ministries purpose is to lead women into pursuing their best life now by equipping them with practical biblical truths.  Our mission is to empower you to believe you can become the whole woman you were created to be! 

“Let's make amazing things happen in your life starting today! Discover your passion, potential and purpose and live your best life NOW.”

Lady Luella Cook

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