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Our Connections 

An ongoing series of information to help you connect with us

Destiny Talk Ministry 

Radio Evangelism Talk Show

Higher Ground & Lady Cook Ministries Presents

Destiny Talk with Your Host Lady Luella Cook on Power and Praise Radio.

The talk show with a higher level of Listening! Hear the things God speaks in His Word, channel your inner strength and charge your destiny with empowered living, weekly inspiration and motivation.

GLOW Your Way into Your Destiny! The show will feature Scripture of Focus, Matters of the Heart, Empowering Moments, and LIVE on the Line with Lady Cook!

Tune in to Destiny Talk with Lady Cook on Sundays @ 5pm! or download the App

Catch the GLOW and Shine Into Your Destiny!

Social Media Inspiration 

Catch the GLOW & Shine Into Destiny 

Lady Cook Ministries can be found on all social media platforms. Connect with us to receive daily inspirations to start your day! 

Women’s Empowerment Forum 

2nd Tuesdays

Connect with a network of Women destined to Win. You will Be Empowered To Grow spiritually, learn practical steps to embrace who you are with defining your purpose & destiny steps.  Be inspired to fellowship and develop/maintain healthy strong relationships. 

LOCATION: International Praise Church of God

5071 Percival Road Elgin SC 29045

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Connect With Us 


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Are you ready to join a Network of Women empowered to Live  The Best Life Now?  We would love to hear from you and invite you to one of our events or ministry meetings.  

We will gladly answer any questions or prayer requests you submit.

We are waiting to hear from you!

Glow BIG,

Destiny Walkers

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